Fussy kids may start eating more greens because of wind-chimes

Wind Chimes

A study has come up with an interesting finding suggesting that wind chimes may encourage children to eat more green vegetables.

This could come as a relief to all those parents who are trying hard to ensure their children eat more greens and if such a simple object can encourage kids to eat more green vegetables, parents could be lining up the stores to grab one.

Researchers from Oxford University found that playing high chirpy notes like wind chimes while children eat, inadvertently improves flavour by sweetening the taste.

Charles Spence, a professor at Oxford University in the UK, said that ‘sonic seasoning’ can help enhance taste and suppress the bitterness of vegetables for children who are picky-eaters.

A survey of 2,000 adults found that their biggest food phobia as a child was sprouts, followed by cabbage, peas and broccoli.

“The idea with chirpy music like wind chimes is that it contains the high pitched musical notes that have been shown to bring out the sweetness in a food that contains a sweet note,” Spence was quoted as saying by ‘The Telegraph’.

Accentuating sweetness will reduce the perceived bitterness of vegetables, he said.

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