Robots can fake reviews just like human


Researchers at University of Chicago have developed a robot that is capable of writing fake reviews like humans.

The robot is powered by “neural network, or artificial intelligence system” that enables it to write fake reviews on Yelp. The study shows how robots can easily mimic human reviews. The researchers will present their study at the ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security in October.

The breakthrough also mean how these robots can be used to publish negative reviews online against individuals and firms. These robots can severely jeopardise the operations of small businesses that rely on online reviews to help sustain their reputation, the Post noted. And, the threat of artificially-generated text can even get bigger, said one of the authors of the study.

“In general, the threat is bigger”, said Ben Y. Zhao. “I think the threat towards society at large and really disillusioned users and to shake our belief in what is real and what is not, I think that’s going to be even more fundamental.”

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