Three New Versions Of The iPhone Set To Be Launched

Reports indicate that Apple will release three new versions of the iPhone during its upcoming launch event that is slated for September 12. The three versions will include the flagship phone and two iPhone 8s – the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone 8. This means that unlike what Apple has been doing in recent years, it will not release an S generation this time round. After being unveiled all the three phones are expected to be ready for sale on September 22.

Additionally reports also indicate that Apple’s flagship smartphone will be known as iPhone X. The smartphone will be released during the tenth anniversary of the iPhone. In Roman numerals X represents the number ten. Other sources have also said that Apple’s flagship smartphone will be known as the iPhone Edition.

Gesture controls

Among the features expected in the flagship iPhone will include gesture controls replaced the classic home button that has been a feature for years. In order to engage in multitasking or to open the main app, users will simply need to swipe their hands over the smartphone. The front of the device will have symmetrical and slim bezels covering it.

The flagship phone will also possess an OLED screen and this will be bigger than the display area of iPhone 7 Plus. But unlike Samsung whose latest devices have curved screens the reports indicate that Apple is maintaining a flat display. Due to the fact that that the display area is longer, apps will be lined up in six vertical rows. Excluding the dock, 24 icons will grace each page. At the bottom end of the screen there will be a grey bar containing apps that are frequently used.

Rounded corners

A facial-recognition sensor, earpiece and front-facing camera sit on a notch that occupies the screen’s top. The notch’s left side shows the time while the notch’s right side displays mobile network connectivity, Wi-Fi and battery life.

Instead of square corners there will be rounded ones in the upcoming iPhones. Since this will be the tenth anniversary since the iPhone was introduced into the world this is probably an effort to pay homage to the original iPhone which had a similar shape.

The upcoming iPhones are expected to cost more than their predecessors. At the top-tier of the flagship phone customers will have to part with $1199 for a model with a storage space of 512 GB. An entry-level iPhone will cost $999 excluding tax.

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