Claire’s Recalls Makeup Products After Asbestos Found

Claire’s, a nationwide retailer, has pulled 17 of its makeup products from the shelves after one mom discovered the products contained asbestos.

Kristi Warner purchased one of Claire’s makeup kits for her daughter, who is six, from a Providence Place Mall store in Rhode Island, but then became concerned about the product’s safety.

Warner said she sent the makeup kit to a lab so it could be tested to see if it contained any harmful material. Lab results were positive for tremolite asbestos, which is toxic and can potentially cause malignant mesothelioma at a later time in life, says the National Cancer Institute.

Warner said she was shocked when she heard the news and then just tried to figure out how something of that nature could end up inside their home.

Warner was compelled to test other Claire’s products at other locations. In all she ended up testing 17 makeup products from nine states at the Scientific Analytical Institute. Each of the 17 tested positive for containing asbestos.

When she received the results, Warner, who works for a Providence, Rhode Island law firm, said she was appalled. Warner said that in work they do at the law firm they come in contact with contaminated cosmetics, but you automatically assume product’s made for children would be safe.

Since the reports by Warner appeared in the headlines, Claire’s removed the products from its stores and released a prepared statement on Facebook.

The statement explained that the safety of its customers was of paramount importance. It added that the company was passionate about the integrity and safety of its products and works closely with vendors to ensure its products are tested and in line with the country’s relevant guidelines and regulations.

The statement continued by saying that due to the result of inquiries carried out, the company took a precautionary measure by pulling the items that are in question off the shelves and would be starting an investigation immediately into the issues. Once more information becomes available Claire’s said it would take any necessary action.

This is not the first time makeup for children has tested positive for containing asbestos. The same lab reportedly found asbestos in makeup at Justice, another popular retailer that is youth-oriented.

However, Justice dismissed the results of the lab as inaccurate after another independent lab did not find any trace of asbestos in the same products.

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