Merry Munchie Meals Tested by Fast-Food Chain

Knowing that marijuana smokers get hunger pangs, one chain of fast food restaurants is looking at taking advantage of California starting the legalization of marijuana recreational use.

Jack in the Box, based in San Diego, is planning to sell a Merry Munchie Meal that is marijuana themed at three of its locations in California starting in mid-January.

In November of 2016, California voters approved Proposition 64 that legalized the sale of recreational marijuana to adults starting January 1, 2018, which is Monday.

The offer, which will be for a limited-time only, will be in partnership with Merry Jane, a website dedicated to the cannabis lifestyle.

The meal is to be tested from January 18 to January 25 at selected locations of Jack in the Box in Long Beach.

The meal box, which is part of the fast-food restaurant’s late night menu, will contain half servings of onion rings and curly fries, two tacos, three crispy chicken strips, five mini churros and a small fountain drink. Its price will be $4.20 plus tax.

The chain’s CMO Iwona Alter told the media that Jack in the Box was about welcoming all guests, regardless of what they might by craving or why they are craving it.

Jack in the Box hopes to create a new buzz around the brand to bring it more attention and sales. One industry analyst said that they it was a good thing to try since the brand is known to generate the type of audience that will not be offended.

In October, a Harris Poll showed that 64% of people in the U.S. supported the legalization of marijuana.

While Totino’s the General Mills brand of frozen pizza has on occasion posted advertisements on billboards suggesting that people who are high on marijuana should eat their pizza rolls, do not expected fast-food meals that are pot related to be the next trend.

The industry analyst said places like Burger King will not do it and McDonald’s will not either. However, he added that Jack in the Box did not have anything to loss by offering it, but a big major brand would not risk doing that because the last thing they want is to risk backlash from customers who are not open-minded about the drug and marijuana culture.

Jack in the Box, founded in 1951, is regional with just over 2,200 locations.

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