Cisco And Telenor Group Sign A Collaboration Agreement

Cisco and Telenor Group have inked a deal that will see them work together in enhancing customer experiences using Internet of Things, Smart City solutions and data analysis. This is with the aim of accelerating the continued digitization and transformation drive of Telenor Group. The deal will see Telenor Group work closely with Cisco as it seeks to increase operational excellence, identify new revenue streams as well as ensuring secure customer experiences.

The two firms have already set up joint lab facilities with a view to exploring smart city solutions in one of the largest municipalities in Norway. In the initiative Telenor will be leveraging the existing mobile, WAN and WiFi connectivity in the city. Cisco Kinetic, the data platform of Cisco, will also be utilized by Telenor Group with a view to extracting, computing and moving data to various applications from connected IoT devices.

Smart City solutions

“Cisco and Telenor Group are building a highly secure, IP-centric network foundation that will grow with them as they expand their business to explore new IoT services and Smart City applications,” said Cisco’s senior vice president, Peter Karlstromer.

The partnership between Cisco and Telenor Group comes in the wake of the networking gear maker disclosing that it was aiming to cause a disruption in the market for wireless radio access by backing challengers to Nokia, Ericsson and Huawei, the market leaders. The alternative providers make software that is more flexible and Cisco is eyeing a bigger mobile market share through them by convincing operators of mobile networks that making investments in automation tools and modern infrastructure can assist them in coping with rising data demands while at the same time cutting costs.

5G services

Some of the alternative providers who developed what is known as vRAN – virtual Radio Access Network include outsiders in the mobile industry such as Red Hat, Intel, Tech Mahindra, Phazr and Mavenir.

So far Cisco has already partnered with over 20 operators of mobile networks with a view to rolling out 5G services. The 5G standard is expected to offer faster download and upload speeds and will also be instrumental in Internet of Things and autonomous cars in coming years.

According to an ACG Research industry analyst, Ray Mota, Cisco was interested in convincing operators that more investment in precursors to 5G will assist in solving pressing network issues and will not be rendered obsolete when 5G is finally rolled out in the next few years.

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