Nest Devices Will No Longer Be Sold On Amazon

Reports indicate that online retail giant Amazon has indicated that it won’t stock any new Nest devices. The devices which are made by the smart home division of Google will cease being listed on the e-commerce platform once the current stock is exhausted. These devices include the Nest Secure, a home security system, and the Nest thermostat. According to sources Nest was informed of the decision late last year in a conference call.

During the conference call Nest executives were told that the decision was not quality related and this gave the impression that the move was directed by the co-founder and chief executive officer of Amazon, Jeff Bezos. It is understood that after failing on the smartphone field but finding some success with e-readers, Amazon is making big bets on Alexa which is both an artificial intelligence assistant as a well as a platform for smart home devices which include music speakers, door locks and connected lights.

Aggressive tactics

Lately Amazon had adopted aggressive tactics with competitors and this includes Google which is its biggest competitor with regards to smart home products. Last month Amazon also disclosed that it was purchasing doorbell device maker Ring in a deal estimated to be worth approximately $1 billion.

All indications are that sales of other smart home devices from other firms will not be discontinued like is the case with Nest. Lighthouse, a connected camera that is powered by artificial intelligence, is still available on the e-commerce platform. Devices from August, another smart home firm, are also still available on Amazon as well as products from other manufacturers of similar devices.

Rapidly catching up

During the last holiday shopping Amazon’s Echo devices which are powered by Alexa assistant were a hit. The acquisition of Ring last month also places Amazon in a better position with regards to smart home products. However while Amazon has had a lead in the area of voice-controlled computing, Google has been rapidly catching up as Google Assistant as well as Google Home speakers are gaining traction. While it is believed Amazon had a two-thirds market share in the smart speaker space towards the end of last year, Google is understood to have increased its market share.

The rivalry between Google and Amazon however extends beyond smart home products. Amazon also refuses to sell other devices from Google such as Pixel smartphones and Google Home speakers. As a retaliatory move, the native app of Google-owned YouTube is blocked on Echo Show and FireTV devices of Amazon.

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