Walmart To Stock Soylent Meal Replacement Drinks And Powder

The manufacturer of Soylent, Rosa Foods, has disclosed that the meal replacement drink and powder will become available in about 450 Walmart outlets across the United States. This follows the retail expansion the company undertook last year and which saw Soylent become available in 7-Eleven outlets numbering 2,500. Prior to becoming available at 7-Eleven stores Soylent could only be purchased online as well as in bulk on its website besides on

“Our expansion to retail and now with Walmart is a great opportunity for Soylent to continue our focus on making unhealthy and unsustainable food voids obsolete for consumers everywhere,” said the chief executive officer of Soylent, Bryan Crowley, in a statement.

Time and money-saver

Developed five years ago by the founder, chairman as well as the former chief executive officer of Soylent, Rob Rhinehart, the meal replacement drink and powder was positioned as a way of saving both time and money without sacrificing the daily required nutrients.

Until 2016 Soylent only came in one flavor but that has not stopped it from being a hit with the tech sector. Currently Soylent is engaged in efforts aimed at broadening its appeal by adding more flavors. With regards to the meal replacement drinks the flavors include Café Chai, Café Vanilla, Café Coffiest, Cacao and Original. The flavors that will be sold at Walmart include Coffiest, Vanilla Latte and Cacao.

Majority stake in Flipkart

This comes in the wake of reports indicating that Walmart is nearing a deal to acquire a majority interest in Flipkart, the Indian online retailer. According to Reuters an agreement is likely to be reached before the close of June. This could become the largest acquisition of an e-commerce business that Walmart has ever made.

Last week reports emerged that the U.S. retail giant had completed conducting due diligence on the Indian online retailer and had proposed acquiring a stake of 51% or more at a price of between $10 billion and $12 billion. According to Morgan Stanley the e-commerce market in India will be worth approximately $200 billion by 2028. If the deal comes to fruition Walmart will have stepped up its battle with online retail giant Amazon.

Some of the big-name investors in Flipkart include SoftBank Group, Naspers, Accel, Tiger Global, Microsoft, Tencent Holdings and eBay. According to sources SoftBank Group, which owns about 20% of Flipkart, is unlikely to dispose of its stake while Naspers, Accel and Tiger Global are expected to sell their entire interest.


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