Intel’s Mobileye Signs Deal To Manufacture 8 Million Autonomous Cars

Intel’s Mobileye has announced the signing of a deal to manufacture 8 million self-driving-technology. Even though the automaker’s identity was not revealed, the deal was made between Intel’s Mobileye and a European automaker.

This is definitely some good news for Intel Corporation as it only acquired the Israel-based Mobileye recently for $15.3 billion.Since the deal is to deliver the 8 million autonomous-technology cars by 2021, it is hence believed that the autonomous cars will start appearing on American roads by that period.

Technology Tested

Already Intel’s acquired Mobileye has hit the ground running in Israel. Around 100 autonomous cars manufactured using the company’s technology are being tested on roads in Jerusalem. Safety of the car and the capabilities of the autonomous technology are among the features that are being tested.

Even though there are other companies producing self-driven vehicles like Waymo, chances are high that the first commercial production of the vehicles will run on Mobileye’s technology. Most of the companies coming up with self-driving prototype cars are doing so using very sophisticated and complex technology. This hands Mobileye a competitive advantage as it is slowly developing its technology with only one mantra, which is, “Keep it simple, stupid” (KISS).

With years of experience building adaptive safety systems, Mobileye was able to produce it’s prototype autonomous car by only installing cameras and software which turn out to be cheap and simple. The software is able to read the changing road conditions by use of the cameras thereby adjusting accordingly.

Not New

As stated earlier, Mobileye has been in the industry for some time now. Audi is known to use a camera-based system which offers assistance to its drivers in several of their cars. This technology was developed by Mobileye. Another company that has used the company’s technology is Nissan. It has been using ProPilot Assist.

Although various automobile manufacturers have benefited from Mobileye’s technology it has not been without challenges. An incidence that threatened to taint its reputation was the death of a driver. Joshua Brown died in a Tesla Model S which was fitted with Mobileye’s technology. A bitter blame-game ensured and the two companies had to part.

By next year the company is projecting to release about 100,000 level 3 self-driving cars installed with their technology. The level 3 vehicles are able to drive themselves on certain conditions but turn to the driver in cases of emergency.

That notwithstanding, they are working on a level 4 technology, which they hope to release in the market by 2021. This will be able to adjust its driving style to match road condition.




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