Lyft To Invest Over $100 Million On Driver Support Centers

Lyft announced recently that it’s planning to spend about $100 million to expand its driver support centers to include new services such as low-cost oil changes, car inspections, clean washrooms, car washes, car rentals, and other basic car maintenance services.

Currently, the firm owns 15 hubs within the US and plans are underway to double the number of hubs before the end of the year. The company intends to drastically lower the costs for drivers who are currently taking up all the expenses of maintaining their cars.

Furthermore, the company also promised to increase the number of operational hours in its existing support centers to give its drivers a chance to extend their business hours. The firm intends to extend the hours from the current 35-40 hours per week to more than 70 hours a week.

The move is part of the firm’s expansion strategy to directly hit its rivals such as Uber, which is currently leading the industry basing on the market share. While Lyft possesses only 26% of the share of the market, Uber leads the industry with 71%. But with focus on the advanced technology, Lyft might use its aggressive marketing strategies to overcome its giant rival in the near future.

Lyft intends to focus on solving the challenges facing their drivers as one mechanism to retain them. The company is also looking into the autonomous car technology hence basing on its projections, Lyft is confident that it will soon over take the market by storm.

Lyft Waives Its Arbitration Agreement On Sexual Assault Victims

Recently, Lyft announced that it will waive its arbitration agreement to allow victims that are allegedly sexually assaulted to report their cases in the courts. The move comes immediately after Uber made a similar announcement.

The arbitration stipulates that the victims of sexual harassment can openly claim against the company instead of doing it undercover. Hence the victims will not be subjected to signing a confidentiality agreement anymore. However, the arbitration agreement will only apply to riders who are sexually assaulted and not other cases.

The radical amendments in the arbitration process will apply to the drivers, passengers and all the staff of Lyft. In addition, both two firms, Lyft and Uber are expected to jointly publish a safety reporting procedure on sexual harassment complaints to act as terms of reference for the entire industry. Jon McNeil, the COO at Lyft, stated that he’s ready to collaborate with Uber to come up with concrete structure that will impress the public in the country.

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