Fitbit Ships Over One Million Versa Smartwatches

Fitbit has announced that it has shipped more than a million smartwatches. The device which is known as Versa has been shipped since the company availed it to the market on April 16.

This comes as good news for the company since its ionic smartwatch performed dismally in the market. It received lukewarm reviews leading to poor sales contrary to what the company had hoped for.

Right Direction

Investors too can breathe a sigh of relief. When releasing its financial results early last month the sales figures were not very promising. Investors were worried about the decreasing demand for Fitbit’s devices. However, it seems like consumers may have just been waiting for the release of Versa.

Versa is currently Fitbit’s fastest selling wearable the company has ever made. Compared to the previous devices’ sales this is a step in the right direction. It is also positive to see the company edging out Apple which has been leading in the smartwatch industry.

Improved Design

Compared to Ionic, Versa has enhanced its customer experience. It has improved its design quite significantly. Although it is smaller and thinner it has a larger display. It boasts a larger selection of apps. Just like Ionic its battery life can last for more than four days, giving it a huge advantage over the Apple Watch. It is cheaper than its predecessor by $100 and still compatible with Windows phone, Android devices, and the iPhone.

Fitbit has been investing to grow its global wearable brand. It acquired Coin, Vector, and Pebble. It seems this has helped the company significantly in designing Versa. The smartwatch apps seem to have benefited from Pebble.

Fitbit also announced that 2.4 million people have already used its new female health tracking feature. The app was made available to its users last month. The feature was originally released for Windows and iOS but later expanded to Android.

With female health tracking, users are able to understand their overall health better. This is through accessing all their data in one place. Using data such as sleep or even activity data, users can learn how their cycle affects other areas of their health and wellbeing. At the same time, the feature is creating one of the largest databases of female health.

Fitbit is helping people lead more active and healthier lives by providing them with useful data and guidance to enable them to reach their goals.

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