ASUS Unveils Health-Focused Vivowatch BP

ASUS has unveiled VivoWatch BP, a health-focused watch, that is able to accurately measure and keep track of one’s blood pressure. The VivoWatch BP is a shift from the ZenWatch series and is able to keep charge for up to 28 days. The watch has been made to help adults who suffer from high blood pressure.

The features

The front of the device has a metal nub made up of PPG (optical) and ECG (electrocardiography) sensors. ECG is used to collect raw electrical data from the user’s heart while the PPG is used to measure the heart pulse. According to ASUS, the combination of ECG and PPG offers an accurate measurement of the user’s blood pressure within just 15 seconds.

The new VivoWatch BP is an improvement of the original low-power VivoWatch, which was launched three years ago. The monochromatic high-reflective display in the previous version has been made with some colors in addition to having a thick bezel that is meant to accommodate the sensors.

This new watch is way too smaller and lighter than most portable traditional blood pressure monitors. It is also smaller and lighter than the Vital Moto Mod, which was launched at CES in January. Apart from hypertension, the VivoWatch is also used for other health purposes like measuring activity, tracking one’s health measuring stress levels, heart rate and sleep quality.

Accompanying ASUS Health AI software

All this information can be fed into the accompanying ASUS Health AI software, which can be accessed on the mobile phone. The company says this information can be used by people to meet health goals as well as offering doctors with more comprehensive data than what is collected during medical check-ups.

The company didn’t comment on the device’s features as s traditional watch because this may not be the main focus of this new product. It is more of a health accessory as opposed to being a traditional watch. Additionally, it is made with a simple and plain design hence it is not meant to compete with the fashioned wearables like the Apple Watch.

Just like many other sports watches that are coming in the market, the VivoWatch BP has a GPS tracking. This feature is not available on the original model. From the GPS track, the watch shares location data with family members hence it is a good safety precaution for elderly users or runners. The watch will keep displaying the location as long as it is connected to the phone.

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