Apple To Include A Solid-State Button On The Apple Watch

Reports have indicated that Apple is working on changing some features on its Apple watch. The company is reportedly planning to replace the physical button with a solid-state that will be able to offer haptic feedback just like the home button that was introduced on the iPhone a few years ago.

Maintaining current configuration

According to the reports however, Apple intends to maintain the current button configuration on the watch. The device will have a digital crown and a button on one side. Both the button and the digital crown will not click like in the previous model. Instead of physically moving back and forth in response to the user’s touch, the new buttons will slightly vibrate using the Taptic Engine.

In 2016, Apple introduced similar changes on itsiPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The company scrapped physical moving parts off the devices and replaced them with plain surfaces that are able to detect when pressed using Taptic Engine. Additionally, Apple introduced Force Touch Trackpad on its MacBook Pro.

Adapting to the new changes

At first, it was difficult to get used to iPhone’s buttons and MacBook Pro’s trackpad. However, the removal of the physical button reduced the number of components that were prone to physical damage and breakage. In addition, through the improvements, Apple managed to develop a water resistant iPhone. It is this same reasoning that is being applied to the Apple watch as the company tries to make it water resistant so that it can be used by athletes and swimmers. By removing the button, it will also help create some space that can accommodate a much larger battery thus prolonging its operating time.

These changes are likely to be incorporated in the new Apple Watch that the company intends to unveil this fall. In the event that they are not included in this year’s new model, the changes will most probably feature in a new model to be launched in 2019.

Incorporating more functions on the watch

Apart from removing the buttons, the company has also been working on changing the top buttons into sensors that can be used to gather health-related information like heart rhythms. The watch is able to measure the heart rate using the back side through direct contact with the skin. The move to add the top button for this purpose is motivated by the fact that some measurements always require multiple points of contact so as to increase their level of accuracy.

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